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Why Everything Prepared?

It was recently suggested that I tell why I created www.EverythingPrepared.com. That was a great suggestion.

For as long as I can remember, getting everything prepared has been a part of my life. I even have many books on the subject. I enjoy getting everything prepared, but also realize that sometimes it is difficult to make that happen. I know it is also very important as I have been through many earthquakes, severe storms, and even a tornado. I have learned a few things from these experiences, and it has fueled my passion for preparedness.

But the main reason for creating Everything Prepared is I am a crusader. I want to help people like you and me.

The Everything Prepared Crusade

Most of the emergency preparedness and home food storage messages out there are very negative (a lot of doom and gloom) and really don't help you much. It is more of a scare tactic to get you to buy products. You need the things to get prepared for sure, but you shouldn't be scared into doing it because anyone who "complies against his will is of the same opinion still." 

You and I both know preparedness makes sense. If we didn't, we wouldn't have medical insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, and more. Home food storage and emergency preparedness is kind of like insurance. It's insurance against job loss, emergencies, and other potential problems. Getting everything prepared is a great decision.

It is my hope to bring some sanity to the "emergency preparedness" field and to make it a positive, fun experience for you, and affordable for you too. It is important to me to help you get prepared if you want that help. Plus, when something does happen, you have peace of mind reassuring you that everything will be okay. Why? Because you have everything prepared.

Tony Robbins mentions that people do things to avoid pain or receive pleasure. He's right. I have been on the receiving end of pain and want to avoid it. I also like the feeling of pleasure and want more of it. I get a lot of joy helping people like you and me.

Stopping the Preparedness Nonsense

Another part of the crusader in me is to reduce a lot of nonsense out there. Have you seen some of the prices out there? They are ridiculous. I have never understood why companies who are trying to "help" you get prepared charge prices so high that it is actually hard to get...well...everything prepared. I believe in earning a profit just like the next guy, but holy cow.

Don't get me wrong, if businesses don't charge enough, they can't grow or, even worse, they go out of business and can't help you anymore. If you find a business that has your best interest at heart, you want to stick with them or else you end up with a giant discount store that isn't helpful. You know... like the one with the big yellow smiley face and slogan on its employees' backs that says, "How May I Help You," and is only viewable while they are walking away.

On the other hand, low prices hurt too. For instance, a family friend crocheted doilies for fun. After she had a collection of them, she decided to sell them. She offered them for $5, but couldn't sell them. Later she raised the price to $15 and sold out. Price perception caused people to walk away from a great deal.

Perception is a powerful tool. So the business person inside of me says, "Make a profit" and the crusader side of me says "Make it affordable" so now I am coming up with a balance I hope you think is fair. Everything Prepared will not be able to be the lowest priced on everything out there, but we aren't printing "May I Help You" on our backs either.

Providing Educational Tools

As this site grows, I hope to provide you with educational tools and other items to help in your preparedness efforts. Again, the crusader thing. I intend this site to be a place where you can find the training, information, and tools you need to truly become self sufficient and prepared. If there is something you would like to see on the site, or just have a question you would like to find an answer to, please contact us.

I wish you the best and hope to be able to help you get everything prepared.

James Medina
Everything Prepared, LLC